Photobook As Object / Photobook Who Cares

Wednesday 7th – Sunday 11th March 2018


Massey University, Block 1,
Entrance C, Wallace Street, Wellington

Wed - Sat:
 12:00pm - 4:00pm
 11:00am - 4:00pm


Further location information available at:


An exhibition in the form of a live performance revealing the book making process, from concept to material experience of the photobook as an object – created in the School of Art Engine Room Gallery by Michiko Hayashi, Ryo Kusumoto and Tammy Law in association with Yumi Goto and the Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo. 

For further information about the artists see their websites, and

Included in the 2018 exhibition was a selection of stunning, original Photobook titles from the following artists:

Giancarlo Shibayama 
The Shibayamas

Andrea Boscardin 
Paths / Sentieri

Kazuhiko Matsumura 
Guruguru – My Transmigration

Junpei Ueda 
Picture of My Life

Kazuya Urakawa 
Tokyo Perspective

Kazuma Obara 
Silent Histories

Keiji Fujimoto
Forget-me- not

Kenji Chiga 
Bird, Night, and Then.

I and Thou

Mayumi Suzuki
The Restoration Will

Miki Hasegawa 
Internal Notebook

Michiko Hayashi 
Hodophylax: The Guardian of the Path

Yusuke Takagi 

Miyuki Okuyama 
Dear Japanese

Yoshikatsu Fujii 
Hiroshima Graph – Rabbits Abandon Their Children

Yoshiko Mogi 
Green Pigeon


Upcoming titles:

Ryo Kusumoto 

Kensaku Seki 
Of Hope and Fear

Tammy Law
Away from Home